Sprout EP

by millennial dad

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released May 24, 2015



all rights reserved


millennial dad Portland, Maine

just a 16 year old dad on the net trying to have a great time.

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Track Name: The Sad Ghost Love Song
ghostly love from above/
i kiss your cheek/

spectral crush i feel a rush/
i'm flying/

ghosts are all alone/
ghosts don't have a place with you oooh/

ectoplasm heart does it ever beat/
it's cold as ice/

veins and memories buried underground/
marked with stone/

ghosts are moving on everywhere i look/
but i oooh i still love you/
Track Name: Wild Wood
taking a walk in my wild wood/
there's a beast that's following me - can't it go away/

taking a walk in my wild wood/
lovely, leafy, glowing green - brambles grab my knees/

taking a walk in my wild wood/
there's a beast that's following me - it's eyes take in my fear/

running away in my wild wood/
the wind in howling in my ears - rain's soothing to my cheeks/

turning back in my wild wood/
a beast approaches from the ferns - i pat it's lowered head/

taking a walk in my wild wood/
the beast and i are side by side - we take things day by day/
Track Name: Fairy Ring
my tears are dew drops on a sprout in early spring/

my heart strings strum like harp strings sweetly while i sing/

i'd really like to know what's in that fairy ring/

what magic stands before me? can it heal my broken wings?/